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Power supplies 1W to 60W, Household EN 60335 certified

FUAN encapsulated Switched Mode Power Supplies is based on Flyback topology. They constitute an interesting alternative to the traditional supply in the most common applications of power from 1 W to 60W.  ENERGY SAVING due to high efficiency and low stand by power. Safety standards meets all requirements of Household EN 60335, EN 60950, EN 61558-2-16, EN 61558-1, UL 60950-1, CSA 22.2 N°60950-1, and UL 9LJ-VO. Ideal for coffee machine applications.

With the same footprint as an Ei30 transformer, they will replace:
– 50 Hz Transformer
– Fuse
– Bridge Rectifier
– Filtering Capacitor

Regulated types will also replace linear regulator and heatsink.


  • Wide input voltage range
  • lncreased power:3 x compared to standerd EE20-El30-El38 transformers
  • Setter energetic efficiency:70% typical compared to LID% for the conventional supply
  • Very low Stand by Powe consumption: meets requirements of Energy Star or EC Code of Conduct
  • Same footprint as EE20-El30-El38-EILl8 transformer:[lW-l0W]
  • Upgrade your application without redesign of PCB


Application for our Power Supplies


Alternative to the linear transformers in all:


  • AC/DC applications of power up to 60W Alternative to DC/DC converters for application in O.C. current [Telecom supplies,electric substations etc.)
  • lndustrial, domestic and consumer electronics applications
  • Stand by devices and others DC or AC auxiliary supplies

Power supplies 1-60 Watt

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