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Novel Integrated Circuits for Velocity and Torque Control

PMD announced Juno® Velocity and Torque Control Integrated Circuits (ICs), the industry’s first family of compact ICs for velocity and torque control capable of four-quadrant current control. The Juno ICs are compact and available in a 64-pin TQFP or 56-pin VQFN package, and measure 10 mm x 10 mm or 7.2 mm x 7.2 mm, respectively. Designed for next-generation life science and healthcare applications, Juno ICs can profoundly improve the ability of design engineers to achieve greater motor efficiency, precise current control, and accurate velocity profiles.

•  Controls 3-phase brushless DC, DC Brush or Step motors
•  High performance digital current control
•  Velocity loop with encoder or tachometer feedback
•  Internal profile generator and estimator
•  Sinusoidal or 6-step commutation
• Field oriented control and state space PWM
•  Hall sensor input
•  8-signal PWM output with shoot-through protection
• Direct analog signal input
• Point-to-point and multidrop Serial up to 416 kBaud
•  Quadrature encoder input up to 40 Mcounts/sec
• CANbus 2.0B
• Onboard NVRAM for custom configuration
• High speed index input & capture
•  SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) command input
• Brake input
• 10 kHz velocity loop
•  20 kHz commutation rate
•  20, 40, 80, or 120 kHz PWM selectable output rate
•  64-pin (TQFP), or 56-pin (VQFN) package options
•  i2t current feedback protection
•  Over and under-voltage protection; Over current protection
• Over temperature sensor
•  Pulse and direction input position command
• Shunt control output
• Outer loop capability allows control of pressure, temperature, liquid levels

PMD Juno Datasheet PMD Juno Product Brief

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