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Next level Ultra-low Power Memory

The new FusionHD™ non-volatile memories (NVMs) is up to 70% lower power thand standard Flash. Designed for next-generation consumer and industrial IoT edge devices. FusionHD builds on the Smart IoT feature set of Adesto’s highly successful Fusion family with even more capabilities, patented low-power technology, security features, and increased memory density options.

The FusionHD product line supports the code storage and data logging demands of a wide range of feature-rich wearables, hearables, sensor edge devices and industrial systems. It delivers low power consumption, fast data transfer and robust, high-reliability operation. Unlike standard flash devices, FusionHD incorporates a Small Page Erase and Write Architecture that makes saving small packets of data quick and efficient. It also allows large data packets to be saved and accessed using minimal CPU clock cycles, reducing processing time and battery consumption.

FusionHD provides a range of innovative features specifically designed for power-conscious IoT edge devices:

  • Flexible Memory Architecture
    – A flexible new Read/Write SRAM buffer reduces the number of times needed to write to the flash array, dramatically improving endurance while also decreasing CPU clock cycles and reducing power consumption.
    – The Small Page Erase and Write Architecture is ideal for writing small amounts of data without having to reprogram an entire page, thereby lending speed, power and endurance to the device.
  • Intelligent host interface features that elevate the memory device into the ‘smart peripheral’ domain
    – The unique Active IRQ feature enables the device to issue an interrupt to the MCU after completing an internal program or erase operation, optimizing overall power use and reducing CPU overhead.
    – Read/Modify/Write operation enables easier software driver development and allows the CPU to focus on other tasks.
  • Security features include unique device identification and a User One-Time Programmable (OTP) security register that is usable for system-level key storage.

FusionHD AT25XE321B Datasheet Dual Quad memory product overview

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