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Next-Generation In-Circuit Debugger with Unparalleled Speed and Flexibility

Microchip announced the MPLAB® ICD 4, an in-circuit programming and debugging development tool for Microchip’s PIC® microcontroller (MCU) and dsPIC® digital signal controller portfolios. The MPLAB ICD 4 debugger includes all the features of the popular MPLAB ICD 3 tool while adding increased speed through a faster processor and increased RAM.

SKU: 11974


  • Full-Speed Real-Time Emulation
  • Ruggedized Interface
  • Microchip Standard Connectivity Plus JTAG
  • Compatibility: Supports all MPLAB ICD 3 headers
  • Portable, USB-Powered and RoHS-compliant
  • Wide Voltage Emulation from 1.20V to 5.5V
  • High-Speed Programming
  • Includes a loopback module to test debugging port and cable
  • Ease of Maintenance and Feature Upgrade
  • Features and performance at a fraction of the cost of comparable emulator systems
  • Powerful Debugging

MPLAB ICD 4 Datasheet

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