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New Wireless Gecko IoT Connectivity SoCs


The new EFR32xG12 SoCs support a broader range of multiprotocol, multiband use cases for home automation, connected lighting, wearables and industrial IoT. These SoCs deliver superior RF performance, enhanced cryptography acceleration, larger memory options, on-chip capacitive touch control, and additional low-power peripherals and sensor interfaces. Wireless Gecko SoCs support zigbee® and Thread mesh networking, Bluetooth® 5 and proprietary wireless protocols. Make sure your devices are ready for whatever comes next. Update a protocol? No problem. Add another protocol? No sweat. The EFR32 Wireless Gecko simplifies connectivity now and in the future.

SKU: 11350

Key Features:

• 32-bit ARM® Cortex-M4 core with 40 MHz maximum operating frequency
• Scalable Memory and Radio configuration options available in several footprint compatible QFN packages
• 12-channel Peripheral Reflex System enabling autonomous interaction of MCU peripherals
• Autonomous Hardware Crypto Accelerator and Random Number Generator
• Integrated balun for 2.4 GHz and integrated PA with up to 19.5 dBm transmit power for 2.4 GHz and 20 dBm transmit power for Sub-GHz radios
• Integrated DC-DC with RF noise mitigation

Smart Wireless Connectivity to an LED lightbulb


BlueGecko Bluetooth Family

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