Electronic Component Solutions

New Timing Devices from Epson released

E-Series SPXOs offer ultra-low jitter
With LVPECL or LVDS outputs

Epson’s SG-8506
The programmable oscillators with differential LVPECL outputs and I2C control are high frequency low-jitter

SG-8503 and SG-8504 Programmable Oscillators
With differential LVPECL outputs, pin-selectable frequency, and high frequency low-jitter

SG-8018 programmable oscillators
Cost-effective and with an extended temperature range

Epson’s RA8804 DTCXO RTC
Precise time keeping, higher accuracy over temperature and low power for automotive applications

  • SG-8506
  • SG-8503
  • SG-8504
  • SG-8018
  • RA8804 DTCXO RTC

SG-8506CA SG-8503-SG-8504 SG-8018 RA8804

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