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New option with M5 borehole for screw and rivet mount

Schurter expanded its high-performance fuse clips of the CSO family for 10.3 mm diameter fuses with an M5 version for screw and rivet mounting. Thanks to its excellent material properties, the CSO clip is suitable for applications with voltages up to 1500 VAC/VDC and currents up to 32 A.

Due to the use of a special copper alloy, all versions of the CSO series are characterized by a strong clamping force. This results in minimal power dissipation, which is particularly essential for applications with high currents where power losses must be minimized wherever possible.

The CSO clips are characterized by following key data:


  • High nominal voltage up to 1500 VAC/VDC
  • High nominal currents up to 32 A
  • Minimal power dissipation due to strong clamping force
  • Very low contact resistance of ≤ 1 mΩ
  • Solder, screw or rivet mounting
  • Ideal for use in high power applications

M1140 CSO Datasheet

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