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New Dual Nano SIM Card connector

The design of most common Dual Nano SIM Card connectors with chain-alignment, will damage Pin easily while inserting and ejecting cards. ATTEND’s design avoids this issue by arranging cards side by side. With operating temperature range -40°C to +105°C, and special mechanical lock design to prevent unexpected ejection of cards, this product can be used for Embedded GPS Tracking system which needs to easily and quickly switch signal switch between different nations.

Dual SIM In Vehicle Tracking

  • Application for Embedded GPS Tracking system
  • Easy and quick signal switch between different regional cell sites
  • With Dual SIM, the device can readily switch from one Mobile Network Operator to another automatically when signal weakness happens
  • When traveling aboard, the device will switch SIM cards automatically to reduce the chance of signal loss efficiently
  • Security tracking and Signal transmission continuing

Dual Nano SIM card slot type

  • Left and right symmetric placement
  • Longer life design for card slot PIN contact
  • Durability 2,000 cycles
  • -40℃ ~ +105℃ apply for wide temperature embedded system
  • Smooth insert and eject mechanical operation

Insert/Eject Mechanical Design


  • This product has smooth insert and eject mechanical operation, convenient for embedded box type device design and vehicle/transportation/fleet management device application
  • Push bar sunk type design, No operation shifting problem
  • Push bar sunk type design, reducing card slot mechanical damage
  • 115S Nano SIM card slot has special mechanical lock design, the tray will not come out easier.
  • Special streamlined shape design of solder foot
  • Outside bending
  • Strong fixation design

Product Introduction

(115S) Dual Nano SIM card socket

Product Specs

(115S) Dual Nano SIM card socket

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