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New DSA Family of MEMS Oscillators

Tolerance to harsh environments is essential to ensuring precise operation in automotive systems. The new DSA family of automotive grade MEMS oscillators provide 20 times better reliability, and 500 times better tolerance to shock.

Automotive evolution is accelerating at a blistering pace. Innovative features like autonomous driving, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and in-vehicle Ethernet require highly reliable timing devices with robust performance and tight stability in harsh environments. There will soon be over 100 timing devices in every new vehicle. Microchip offers the industry’s most reliable and robust clock and oscillator products by leveraging the industry leading MEMS technology, cutting-edge Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) design and semiconductor packaging.

  • Best quality and reliability: AEC-Q100 qualified, 10 times lower DPPM than crystal oscillators
  • Wide operation temperature range: -40° to 125°C, meeting automotive grade 1
  • Superb shocking and vibration immunity: 500 times the shock tolerance and five times the vibration tolerance of crystal oscillators
  • Smallest size: 1.6 x 1.2 mm, saving 50% board space
  • Multiple output replaces up to four crystals/oscillators, reduces BOM cost

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