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More Solutions for A More Connected World – Silabs aquires Sigma Designs

Silicon Labs and Sigma Designs announced a definitive agreement under which Silicon Labs will acquire Sigma Designs.

Sigma Designs provides solutions for the connected home including Z-Wave, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) technology for smart home solutions. Z-Wave supplies some of the world’s largest ecosystems of smart home IoT products with more than 2,100 certified, interoperable devices available from more than 600 manufacturers.

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  • MCUs/ Wireless sensors
  • Secure wireless stacks /Embedded OS/ OTA Updates
  • Modules/ Reference Designs/Cloud services/tools

The addition of Z-Wave will expand Silicon Labs’ wireless connectivity portfolio and worldwide customer base for the connected home.

The connected home represents one of the largest market opportunities in the IoT. Today, there is no single dominant wireless technology for home automation, and protocols include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Zigbee®, Thread and proprietary.

By adding Z-Wave technology to Silicon Labs’ connectivity portfolio, Silabs will be better positioned to serve this fast-growing market. Ecosystem providers and developers will have a one-stop shop for wireless connectivity solutions for the home.

The addition of Z-Wave extends connectivity options for developers and ecosystem providers and delivers alternatives to customers and markets for secure, interoperable IoT devices. Silicon Labs intends to work in collaboration with the Z-Wave Alliance to drive adoption and development of Z-Wave technology.

In addition to Z-Wave technology, Sigma Designs also provides solutions for Media Connectivity and Smart TV.

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