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Microchip’s next generation 1Msps 12-16 bit Differential SAR ADC

The MCP331x1(D)-10/05 are 1Msps/500ksps SAR ADC devices, featuring both full differential and single-ended inputs, high performance, and SPI serial interface, making it ideal for battery powered systems and high precision data acquisition applications. The device is available in a leaded small MSOP-10 package and small lead-less TDFN package, and it operates over the temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. In addition, MCP331x1(D)-10/05 are fully AEC-Q100 qualified (recommended for automotive designs). These ADCs are designed to operate in both high-temperature and electromagnetic environments and to meet the rigorous and harsh demands of the automotive and industrial environment.


  • Ultra-low current consumption (0.8µA typical standby, 1.6mA [for 1Msps version] and 1.4mA [for 500ksps version] typical active current) which enables new system design concepts for battery powered, portable and space constraint applications
  • Analog VDD of 1.8V to enable low power consumption with the low current operation, while maintaining a full 2.5V to 5.1V VREF range
  • The wide DVIO range (1.7V – 5.5V) allows the device to interface with most host devices available in the industry without using external voltage level shifters
  • Automatic or on-demand self-calibration to minimize offset, gain and linearity errors and provide competitive accuracy
  • Stable performance across all temperature ranges without any noticeable degradation. This feature provides reliability across all environmental conditions.
  • The only 1 Msps, 16/14/12-bit, Differential input SAR with automotive rating/qualification (AEC-Q100) in the market

MCP33131D Datasheet

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