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Microchip supersets of Altera 7000 & 3000 Series

The ATF15xxAS/ASL/ASV/ASVL CPLD family offers pin-compatible supersets of the popular Altera 7000 and 3000 series devices ranging from 32 to 128 macrocells with propagation delays from 7.5 to 15 ns for 5V standard power versions and 15 ns for 3.3V versions.

SKU: 11121

Converting an Altera EPM7000 series design is easy with Microchip’s push button POF2JED software utility that will generate an industry standard JEDEC programming file from an Altera POF file. An Application note “ATF15xx Product Family Conversion” provides details of the conversion process. The POF2JED software is available at no charge.

Contact Alcom to convert Altera EOL products into Microchip solutions.

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