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Microchip Simplifies Hardware-Based IoT Security

Microchip introduced the industry’s first pre-provisioned solution that provides secure key storage for low-, mid- and high-volume device deployments using the ATECC608A secure element. Microchip’s Trust Platform for its CryptoAuthentication™ family enables companies of all sizes to easily implement secure authentication.

Microchip’s Trust Platform consists of a three-tier offering, providing out-of-the-box pre-provisioned, pre-configured or fully customizable secure elements, allowing developers to choose the platform best suited for their individual design.


  • Devices are pre-configured and pre-provisioned with keys and thumbprint certificates 
  • MOQ is 10 units including provisioning
  • Code examples are available for the following use cases:
  • AWS IoT authentication
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub authentication
  • Google IoT authentication
  • LoRa® authentication
  • Third-party TLS authentication
  • Buy the device, claim it and you’re done



  • Devices are pre-configured and provisioned with changeable default thumbprint certificates, but they can be replaced with your credentials
  • MOQ is 2,000 units including provisioning
  • These most commonly requested use cases are available:
  • Any cloud, any PKI
  • Certificate-based authentication
  • Token-based authentication
  • Secure boot
  • Over the Air (OTA) verification
  • Firmware verification
  • IP protection
  • Message encryption
  • I/O protection key
  • Accessory authentication
  • Key rotation



  • Devices are fully customizable if your needs go beyond the Trust&GO and TrustFLEX offerings
  • MOQ is 4,000 units including provisioning
  • Fully customizable
  • Start with a blank device
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