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Microchip Delivers First 8-bit MCU Family for CAN FD Networks

The PIC18 Q84 family is the first PIC18 microcontroller (MCU) family that can be used to transmit and receive data through a Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) bus. Accompanied by an extensive array of Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) that handle a variety of tasks without requiring CPU intervention, Microchip’s PIC18 Q84 family cuts both time and cost when connecting systems to a CAN FD network.

The family provides a simple solution for transporting sensor data to a CAN FD bus, without the need for gateways or sophisticated network switching techniques. In addition, its configurable CIPs make it easy to create custom hardware-based functions for automotive and industrial designs with near-zero latency. Additional code is not required. Available peripherals include a 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check with Scan (CRC/SCAN) and a Windowed Watchdog Timer (WWDT) for functional safety capabilities, and a Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) interface to implement industry-standard testing and debugging.

Meeting the demand for increased bandwidth and flexible data rates in evolving automotive applications like safety and communication, while further supporting the development of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

PIC18-Q84 Key Attributes:

  • 64 MHz internal oscillator
  • Up to 128 KB Flash program memory
  • Up to 13 KB data SRAM and 1K Data EEPROM
  • 12-bit ADC with Computation and context switching, up to 43 channels
  • Two 16-bit Universal Timers (UTMRs)
  • Vectored Interrupt (VI) capability
  • Safety Functionality:
    – Windowed Watchdog Timer (WWDT)
    – 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) with SCAN
    – JTAG boundary scan
  • Communication: UART, SPI and I2C
  • Available in 28-, 40- & 48-pin packages

PIC18-Q84 Product Family Products

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