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Microchip Bluetooth 5.0 Listing for Select Bluetooth Products is Complete!

With the Bluetooth SIG deprecating BT 4.1 summer 2019, Bluetooth 5.0 certification has become a top priority for us. The frst wave of Bluetooth products have completed 5.0 certification updates and are currently listed as BT5.0 by the Bluetooth SIG. Customers can obtain a 5.0 listing for their end product.


You will find the datasheets attached for the affected part numbers.


New Bluetooth Data Modules
It is highly recommended that Bluetooth data module customers migrate to the following new products:



  • WINC3400
  • BM70
  • RN4870
  • BM71
  • RN4871
  • BM78
  • RN4678
  • BM62
  • BM64(Class1)
  • BM64(Class2)
  • IS1870
  • IS1871
  • IS1678
  • IS2062
  • IS2063
  • IS2064

New Bluetooth Data Modules

  • RN4870-I/RM130
  • RN4871-I/RM130
  • BM70BLEx1FC2-0B04AA
  • BM71BLEx1FC2-0B04AA

WINC3400 BM70 & BM71 RN4870 & RN4871 BM62 & BM64 IS1870 & IS1871 IS1678 BM70BLE & BM71BLE

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