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Mesh Networking Modules Streamline Secure IoT Product Design

The new MGM210x and BGM210x Series 2 modules support leading mesh protocols (Zigbee®, Thread and Bluetooth® mesh), Bluetooth Low Energy and multiprotocol connectivity. They offer a one-stop wireless solution to improve mesh network performance for line-powered IoT systems ranging from smart LED lighting to home and industrial automation.

The new modules are based on Silicon Labs’ Wireless Gecko Series 2 platform featuring industry-leading RF performance, a powerful Arm® Cortex®-M33 processor, best-in-class software stacks, a dedicated security core and a +125 oC temperature rating suited for harsh environmental conditions. xGM210x modules are engineered to optimize the performance of resource-constrained IoT products without requiring functionality tradeoffs impacting communication reliability, product security or field upgradability. An integrated RF power amplifier also makes the modules ideal for long-range Bluetooth Low Energy applications requiring hundreds of meters of line-of-sight connectivity.

The pre-certified xGM210x modules help reduce R&D cycles related to RF design and protocol optimization.


The new modules are based on Silicon Labs’ Wireless Gecko Series 2 platform.

The Series 2 module portfolio’s initial families include the industry’s first pre-certified wireless modules optimized for LED light bulbs and a versatile printed-circuit board (PCB) form-factor module designed to meet the needs of a broad range of ultra-small IoT product designs.


xGM210P Broad-based Module

xGM210P Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Thread multiprotocol modules feature an optimized form-factor with integrated chip antenna and low profile for space-constrained IoT designs including smart lighting, HVAC, building and factory automation systems.


xGM210L Lighting Module

xGM210L modules combine a custom form factor to ease mounting inside LED bulb housings, PCB trace antenna to maximize wireless range, high temperature ratings, extensive global regulatory certifications and low active power consumption, delivering the perfect wireless solution for cost-sensitive, high-volume smart LED lightbulb.


Securing the IoT

xGM210x modules provide best-in-class features to enable developers to implement robust security in IoT products thanks to dedicated security core that isolates the application processor and delivers fast, energy-efficient cryptographic operations.

Next Generation Wireless Gecko Drives Scalability for the IoT

MGM210P Multiprotocol module datasheet BGM210P Bluetooth module datasheet MGM210L Multiprotocol Lighting Module datasheet BGM210L Bluetooth Lighting Module datasheet

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