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Marine AIS Class B Technology Demonstrator

The DE70322T is a complete AIS Class B technology demonstrator/reference design package that will enable manufacturers to quickly deploy an AIS Class B transceiver to the market. This flexible platform provides a new, low-cost route to developing an AIS class B transceiver, taking it through approval and getting to market in a fast and trouble-free manner.

  • AIS Class B transceiver
  • Technology demonstrator
  • Designed to meet IEC62287-1
  • On-board ARM host microcontroller
  • 2W Tx output power
  • On-board GNSS receiver
  • Market leading performance
  • Dual UART interface
  • Dual, independent GMSK receiver channels
  • USB interface
  • Small size (122mm x 55mm )
  • AIS stack support path

DE70322T Product overview

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