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M-A552 Accelerometers Ideal for Structure Health Monitoring

The M-A552 sensor unit measures 3axis acceleration with high accuracy and high stability, small size, and low power consumption.
Epson has added two new high-performance products to its lineup of three-axis accelerometers. The M-A552AC1 supports the CAN*1 communications protocol while the M-A552AR1 supports RS-422*2. Samples of the new products will begin shipping in the summer of 2019, with volume production scheduled for the spring of 2020.

  • High shock resistance: 1,200 G (quadruple that of the products in Epson’s M-A550 series)
  • Low noise: 0.5 µG/vHz typ.
  • Wide dynamic range: 27 bits
  • Original noise-resistance direct digital conversion technology


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