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Isolated Transceiver for 3.3 Volt RS-485 Buses

3.3 Volt Buses
The new IL3685PE is compatible with 3.3-volt buses, has one-fifth unit loading to support up to 160 nodes, and 16.5 kilovolt bus ESD protection. It’s perfect for industrial control networks and DC-DC convertor-powered buses.


True 8 mm Creepage
The unique wide-body SOIC is JEDEC-compliant, but unlike other “wide” SOICs, it has true eight-millimeter creepage.

Key IL3685PE features include:

  • 3.3 volt bus
  • 40 megabits per second data rate
  • One-fifth unit load (supports up to 160 nodes)
  • 2500 volts isolation
  • 44000 year barrier life
  • 16.5 kilovolt bus ESD protection
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • -40 °C to +85 °C temperature range
  • VDE V 0884-11 and UL 1577 pending
  • 0.3-inch True 8™ millimeter 16-pin SOIC package

IL3685P IsoLoop Catalog

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