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ION 500/CME Programmable Digital Drive

A programmable version of the standard ION® 500 Digital Drive, the ION 500/CME allows designers to download and run motion programs directly on the ION 500 Digital Drive itself. This feature off-loads the host and allows for greater design flexibility with the distribution of motion programs throughout the machine. Programs can be downloaded onto the ION 500/CME drive over UDP and TCP Ethernet protocols, as well as serial and CANbus communications.

SKU: 12399


  • Magellan® instruction set
  • Ethernet, CANbus or serial communications
  • DC brush, BLDC & step motor versions
  • S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, electronic gearing profiles
  • Pulse & direction input
  • 500 W or 3000 W power rating
  • Up to 20 A continuous, up to 30 A peak current
  • 12-56 V or 20-195 V single power source
  • Supports gearing & dual loop applications
  • Sinusoidal commutation
  • Stall detection & auto current reduction
  • Programmable acceleration and deceleration
  • Advanced PID filter with velocity and acceleration feedforward
  • C-Motion Engine development tools



ION 500 – 3000 Digital Drives

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