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Integrated Graphics Acceleration and DRAM

The 32-bit PIC32MZ DA is the industry’s first MCU with an integrated 2D Graphics Processing Unit and up to 32 MB of integrated DDR2 memory. The PIC32MZ DA family bridges the graphics performance gap between MCUs and microprocessor units for customers who want to stay in the familiar design environment.

Developers that use the PIC32MZ DA in their designs should expect microprocessor-like graphics quality while still enjoying the ease of design of an MCU. And with MPLAB Harmony Graphics 2.0, you can finish and display your GUI design faster than you’d ever thought possible.

SKU: 12307


  • 3-Layer Graphics Controller capable of driving 24-bit color SXGA
  • High-performance 2D Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • 32MB integrated DDR2 DRAM or 128MB externally addressable
  • Up to 2 MB Flash and 640 KB RAM
  • 12-bit ADC Throughput at 18 Msps
  • Full-Featured Hardware Crypto Engine with Random Number Generator (RNG) for data encryption


PIC32M Datasheet       PIC32M Reference guide

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