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Integrated Circuits for Step Motor Control

New Juno® Step Motor Control Integrated Circuit (IC) in a small (7.2mm x 7.2mm) 56-pin VQFN package. Latest Addition to Juno IC Family Provides Ultra-Smooth, Quiet Motor Operation with Advanced Current Control and Safety features specifically for Step MotorsJuno ICs are suitable for designs with limited space, that need to control noise, vibration and power consumption. Juno ICs are easy to deploy with embedded motion commands and on-board intelligence.


  • High-performance digital current control
  • Velocity loop with encoder or tachometer feedback
  • Internal profile generator and estimator
  • Pulse and direction input and microstep waveform generation
  • Sinusoidal or 6-step commutation
  • FOC and space vector PWM
  • Hall sensor input
  • 8-signal PWM output with shoot-through protection
  • Direct analog signal input
  • Point-to-point and multi-drop serial up to 416 kBaud
  • Quadrature encoder input up to 40 Mcounts/second

Meet the family:

Velocity Control ICs: Sophisticated velocity and torque control of 3-phase brushless DC, DC brush,  step motors or multi-motor.

Step Motor Control ICs: State of the art step motor control with pulse and direction or SPI command input.

Juno® Velocity & Torque Control IC Family Datasheet

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