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INICnet Technology: automotive infotainment networking solution

Microchip announced the industry’s most efficient automotive infotainment networking solution that supports all data types, including audio, video, control and Ethernet, over a single cable. INICnet™ technology comes with UNICENS, a free-of-charge network management software.

INICnet Attributes:

  • Integrated network management
  • Fast network start-up (off to full network availability in about 120 ms)
  • Industry-standard application interfaces, including I2S, USB, SPI, MediaLB, I2C
  • Synchronization – the same clock is available at all nodes in the system
  • On-chip switching and routing of stream data
  • ECU power management support
  • Multiple data types simultaneously supported: audio, video, packet, message

Why use INICnet technology?

  • Single-cable simplicity
  • No software overhead
  • Flexibility in infotainment implementations
  • Integrated network management
  • Support for packet, stream and message data types
  • Robust INICs for in-vehicle multimedia networking

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