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Industry’s First NOR Flash Memory Devices Featuring Embedded MAC Addresses

Microchip introduced the SST26VF Serial Quad I/O™ (SQI™) 3V Flash family— the industry’s first NOR Flash devices to offer integrated MAC address options. Pre-programmed with EUI-48™ and EUI-64™ addresses, the devices do not have a minimum order requirement, providing cost-effective, plug-and-play storage solutions for connected applications that use Ethernet, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, IEEE 802.15.4 and FireWire®. The SST26VF family helps to eliminate the need to self-procure and manage these unique identifiers from the IEEE-RA.

Microchip’s pre-programmed SST26VF family of devices are flexible MAC address chips that come with uniquely pre-programmed EUI-48 addresses and compatible EUI-64 addresses — helping designers save time and costs while accelerating time to market for low-to mid-sized volume production. MAC address options are available at Flash densities of 16 megabit (Mb), 32Mb and 64Mb.

The SST26VF064BEUI, SST26VF032BEUI and SST26VF016BEUI devices feature a six-wire, 4-bit I/O interface, allowing for low-power and high-performance operation in a low pin-count package. Available in 8-pin SOIC and 8-contact WSON packages, the devices occupy less board space and lower overall system costs.

Benefits of SuperFlash Memory with Embedded MAC Address:

  • Factory programmed with uniquely global EUI-48 and EUI-64 addresses
  • Provides secure, easy, read-only access to the MAC address
  • Complements Microchip’s broad line of microcontrollers and networking products
  • Reduces manufacturing costs
  • Fast tracks products to market
  • Simplifies entry into the IoT market


16MBit Datasheet


32MBit Datasheet


64MBit Datasheet

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