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Industrial IoT Applications with Smallest, Lowest-Power, Precision MEMS Reference Clocks

SiTime introduced the SiT1569 oscillator and SiT1576 Super-TCXO with expanded frequency range. These unique timing solutions, available in a tiny CSP (chip-scale package), enable coin-cell battery operated IoT sensors to run up to 10 years. By using SiTime’s revolutionary TempFlat™ MEMS and mixed-signal technology, these devices deliver increased timekeeping accuracy and system power savings. These MEMS Reference Clocks are designed to drive microcontrollers (MCUs) and analog front end (AFE) modules in a range of portable and IoT applications such as railroad activity sensors in harsh environments, seismic sensor interface applications, and personal medical diagnostics.

SKU: 11347

• 1 Hz to 2 MHz, ideal for ultra-low-power MCUs and AFEs
• 2 µA power, enables 10-year battery life
• ±5 ppm, enables accurate timekeeping and lowest power
• Smallest oscillator at 1.2mm2, reduces footprint more than 80%

SiT1569 Datasheet SiT1576 Datasheet

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