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IEC Appliance outlet type F for intelligent PDUs and UPSs

SCHURTER launched its series 6610-5, the logical next step from the successful 6610 series; a new level of functionality is added to the industry’s original outlet popularly known for the highest level of efficiency during assembly. The new 10 A-appliance outlet, series 6610-5, offers integrated guides for light pipes. It features up to two light pipes, intended to channel light from LEDs placed on a printed circuit board to the outlet surface. Technicians are able to clearly see which systems are working properly, or respond to required maintenance adjustments. The controls of the LEDs are freely configurable, wherein each state can be represented clearly and independently. To avoid damage and to make the wiring easier, the light pipes can be inserted after the installation and need to be ordered separately of the sockets in the PDU.

SKU: 11649

• Ratings IEC/CCC 10 A / 250 VAC; 50 Hz
• Ratings UL/CSA 15 A / 250 VAC; 60 Hz
• Dielectric Strength > 1.5 kVAC between L-N > 3 kVAC between L/N-PE (1 min/50 Hz)
• Allowable Operating Temperature. -25 °C to 70 °C (Pin Temperature)
• IP Protection: from front IP 20 acc. IEC 60529
• Insulation Cover: Suitable for appliances with protection class I acc. IEC 61140
• Terminal: IDC -Terminal
• Panel Thickness: Snap in from 0.8 mm to 3 mm
• Material housing: Thermoplastic, black, white and grey, Frianyl B3 V0

Datasheet 6610-5

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