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High Speed SMT PCB Connector for 10 Gbps applications

Hardware developers have been telling us time and again that requirements on highspeed connectors have increased, calling for SMT connectors that can provide speeds of over 5 Gbps. My colleagues in the development department had a brilliant idea. The Colibri SMT connectors for COM Express applications already had such an optimal contact design for applications for highspeed connectors with speeds of 10 Gbps or above with excellent  signal integrity  – even with high data transfer rates. Take a look at the features and feel free to order a sample! S-parameters are available on request from ept for use in simulating your proprietary designs.

Choose between seven different pin configurations and a board distance of 5 or 8mm.

  • Pin count 40/80/120/160/200/220/440
  • 5mm or 8mm PCB distance
  • Highspeed up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Compatible with established connectors
  • Robust connector design
  • Packaged in tape & reel
  • Proven in COM Express applications

Colibri for COM Express

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