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High-Speed Board-to-Board Connectors for Data Rates of up to 28 GB/s

Surface mount technology connectors ensure high contact density on printed circuit boards. The SMT series have been designed for modern and demanding high-speed applications with up to 28 Gbps, for example, in embedded computing or industrial applications.
The 5055 series has a maximum performance of 25 GB/s. With the 5088 series, you can opt for either the fully loaded 14 GB/s version or the 28 GB/s version, which is fitted in pairs. In this case, the high frequencies can be transmitted differentially. The differential transmission brought about by the paired arrangement of the pins is far less sensitive to interference because the coupled pins each send out a signal with opposing polarity at the same time.

Technical Data 5088:

  • Insulator Thermoplastic, UL94 V-0, black
  • Contact Material Copper alloy
  • Contact Surface: Terminals (mating side): 0,2µm Au over Ni
  • Solder side pins and ground plane: flash Au over Ni
  • Contact Resistance < 15 mΩ
  • Insulation Resistance > 5 GΩ
  • Test Voltage 675 V AC
  • Voltage Rating 225 V AC
  • Ground Plane: 7.8 A
  • Current Rating Terminals: 2 A
    – Ground Plane: 7.8 A
  • Temperature Range -55 °C … +125 °C
  • Mechanical Life 100 mating cycles
  • Processing 260 °C for 5s max

WP 5055 series WP 5088 series

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