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High Frequency Wire Wound Transformers

Pulse  Electronics announces the new PA4470.XXXNL High Frequency Wire Wound Transformers.  Designed to deliver high reliability and performance, the PA4470.XXXNL is a power transformer in a continuous mode flyback circuit which provides both the regulation and the isolation required for  datacom and industrial applications. 

The transformers are ideally suited for low power isolated designs where 3.3V, 5V, and 12V is needed to be converted from 24V or 48V bus architectures. They support a variety of applications in the datacom and industrial industries.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • ER7.5 8-Pin SMD Platform
  • Power Range: Up to 1.8 W
  • Topology: Flyback
  • Isolation Voltage: 1650 VDC
  • Easy design in solution
  • Small board space
  • Low cost
  • No optocoupler needed

PA4470.xxxNL datasheet

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