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Hex/Triple Half-Bridge Motor Driver with Serial Input Control

The MPQ6523 and MPQ6526 are triple, and six half-bridge, DMOS, output drivers with integrated power MOSFETs that can drive up to three/six different loads.
The three and six half-bridges can be controlled separately from a standard serial data interface and have various diagnostic functions. They have a very low quiescent current in standby mode, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


•Up to 0.9A Output Current
•Total Max Current 2.4A (All Outputs Combined)
•RDS(ON) (HS + LS) Typically 1.1Ω at 25°C, Maximum 2Ω at 150°C
•Very Low Quiescent Current IVS < 6μA in Standby Mode Versus Total Temperature Range
•Outputs Short-Circuit Protected
•Over-Temperature Protection and Pre-Warning
•Under-Voltage Protection (UVP)
•Serial Data Interface
•Various Diagnostic Functions: Shorted Output, Open-Load, Over-Temperature, and Under-Voltage
•Fault Output Flag
•Daisy Chaining Possible
•Serial Interface Clock Frequency up to 3MHz, 5V Compatible
•Available in a QFN-24 (4mmx4mm) Package
•Available in AEC-Q100 Grade 1

MPQ6523-26 Overview


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