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Gecko MCU get a big boost in Security, Memory and Peripherals

Create Secure, Feature-Rich and Battery-Friendly IoT Devices with Silicon Labs’ New EFM32 Jade and Pearl MCUs

SKU: 11113
  • Choice of 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 and M4 cores scaling up to 40 MHz
  • On-chip hardware encryption/decryption accelerator supporting random number generator, AES, ECC and SHA technologies
  • Flexible energy management system with a wide range of low-energy modes
  • 12-channel peripheral reflex system (PRS) supporting autonomous interaction between peripherals down to deep sleep mode, as well as configurable logic functions
  • 12-bit, 1 Msps analog-to-digital converter (ADC) capable of sampling and performing autonomous comparisons down to stop mode
  • Integrated dc-dc buck converter providing a power rail for other system components
  • Scalable memory options (up to 256 kB flash with 32 kB RAM)
  • Independent I/O rail supporting 1.8V to 5V components
  • Software-compatible with existing portfolio of 240+ EFM32 Gecko MCUs

Pearl Gecko Datasheet Jade Gecko Datasheet

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