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FPGA with Integrated Bluetooth 5.0 Radio

The latest mSoC FPGA with integrated Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy radio enabling an entirely new wave of FPGA computing capabilities at the edge. Edge computing is requiring new demands on programmable devices. With significant variances in product requirements, GOWIN is paving the way for innovation with a variety of new features integrated within their next-generation FPGAs.


The GW1NRF-4 provides a 4k LUT FPGA, a 32-bit power-optimized ARC processor and a Bluetooth Low Energy radio all in a single 6x6mm QFN package. This enables product developers flexible IO for sensors, audio, camera and display interfaces, FPGA resources for parallel computing and acceleration, and a microcontroller for control, configuration, and power management.

  • User Flash
    – Up to 1,792 Kbits
    – 10,000 write cycles
  • Lower power consumption
    – 55 nm embedded flash technology
    – LV: supports 1.2 V core voltage
    – UV: Built-in linear voltage regulator unit, unified power supply of
    – Clock dynamically turns on and off
  • Integrate Soc chip with Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy radio
  • 32bits MCU: ARC EM4
    – Runs at 24MHz
    – Floating-point unit for sensor processing
    – 136KB ROM
    – 128KB OTP
    – 48KB instruction RAM
    – 28KB data RAM

GW1NRF series of Bluetooth FPGA Products

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