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First low-power Digital-to-Analog converter simplifies Handheld designs by including nonvolatile memory

The MCP47/48FxBx8 family of octal 12-bit DACs, the first of their kind to include nonvolatile memory and an integrated Voltage Reference (Vref) source so they can be pre-configured for safe and efficient power-up without relying on the system processor. Implementing multi-channel system control or signal outputs using Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) in today’s portable and handheld industrial, communications, consumer and medical systems has been difficult to do without significant processor overhead for device configuration during power-up. The answer to this problem is the MCP47/48FxBx8.

Handhelds and other portable systems are expected to deliver more capabilities in smaller, simpler designs. We help achieve this goal with the first DACs that eliminate processor overhead during power-up and provide the channel density, low power consumption and integrated features that today’s compact systems need so they can operate over longer periods using smaller, lighter batteries.


Typical Standby Current (µA)
Typical Operating Current (µA)
Resolution (Bits)
DACs per Package
Output Settling Time (µs)
Temp. Range (°C)
-40 to 125

MCP47FXBX4/8 Datasheet

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