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Extended Temperature and Life Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

The NSPE-ZJ series of SMT hybrid construction aluminum electrolytic capacitors featuring increased operating temperatures and extended lifetimes. NSPE-ZJ is supported in working voltages from 25- to 63-Vdc, in capacitance values from 33uF to 330uF and with increased ripple current ratings up to 2Arms/100kHz (+135ºC).


NSPE-ZJ series has an operating temperature range of -55ºC to +145ºC with extended lifetime ratings from 2000 hours (+145ºC) and 4000 hours at +135ºC (equivalent to 32,000 hours at 105ºC).

  • -55ºC to +145ºC operating temperature rated
  • Dual rated for +135ºC and +145ºC
  • Higher RCR (up to 2Arms) and twice lifetime upgrade (4000 hours) at +135ºC, as compared to +145ºC
  • Lifetime equivalent to 32,000 hours at +105ºC
  • Voltage ratings from 25Vdc to 63Vdc
  • Supported in wide-terminal (vibration resistant) version
  • AEC-Q200, suitable to use in automotive applications
  • +260ºC reflow rated


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