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The EVX2001-Y-00B Evaluation Board is mainly designed to demonstrate the capabilities of MPS highly integrated controller MPX2001. The MPX2001 is an all-in-one flyback controller aims at high-performance and high-integration solution. It combines the primary side driver, secondary side controller and synchronous rectifier (SR) driver in one chip. So the opto-coupler and TL431 can be removed from the secondary side and SR can be turned off on time without any shoot through risk.

The EVX2001-Y-00B is typically designed for a general adapter.

  • 3.5kVrms primary side to secondary side isolation
  • 700V integrated HV current source
  • 200V integrated SR controller, supporting both DCM and CCM operation
  • Precise constant voltage (CV), ±5% CV including transient response
  • Extremely low operating current in standby mode
  • Frequency modulation and peak current mode control, with slope compensation, line compensation and leading edge blanking
  • Adjustable cable drop compensation
  • Advanced protections, including primary sensed output Over Voltage Protection (OVP) and Primary Over Current Protection (POCP), real secondary sensed output
  • Over Load Protection (OLP), Brown-in/Brown-out (B/O, B/I), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Current-Sensing Short Protection (SSP), internal Thermal Shut Down (TSD), Under Voltage Locked-Out (UVLO), and External triggered Protection (Ext.P)
  • Parametrics
  • IC Supported 1MPX2001



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