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EFM32Pearl Gecko PG1 Starter Kit


The Pearl Gecko PG1 starter kit enables customers to jumpstart their evaluation and development of both EFM32 Pearl Gecko PG1 and EFM32 Jade Gecko JG1 based products. (Note: a Jade Gecko Starter Kit is not available. Customers developing for Jade Gecko may use the Pearl Gecko Starter Kit.)

SKU: 11115

Pearl Gecko PG1 Starter Kit Features:

  • Integrated Segger J-Link USB debugger
  • Advanced Energy Monitoring system
  • Built-in USB serial port
  • Power from CR2032 coin cell battery or USB VBUS
  • Memory LCD, capacitive touch buttons, LEDs, pushbuttons
  • On-chip temperature sensor and additional Si7021 RH/temperature sensor on board
  • Breakout headers for easy MCU pin access
  • 20-pin EXP-header for additional add-on boards
  • Crystals for 32.768 kHz LFXO and 40 MHz HFXO

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