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Easily Implement Low-power Touch Pads with Surface Gestures

A new 2D Touch Surface library enables designers to easily implement touch pads using the company’s 8-bit PIC® and AVR® microcontrollers (MCUs) and 32-bit SAM MCUs. Add the convenience of gestures (swipes, taps, pinch/zoom) without adding costs – Microchips 2D Touch surface library offers phone like UI elements for embedded devices (removing the need to invest into the infrastructure to run an operating system).

Supported MCU:

  • All PIC with ADC2 and 14+ kB program memory
  • PIC16LF1559/66/67
  • ATtiny161x
  • ATtiny321x
  • ATmega324PB/328PB
  • ATSAM C series with PTC
  • ATSAM D series with PTC
  • ATSAM DA1 series
  • ATSAM HA1 series with PTC
    • single chip Touch + LIN SiP
  • ATSAM L series with PTC

Brochure Touch & Gesture

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