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The LoRa® Network Evaluation Kit makes it easy for customers to test LoRa technology, range and data rate. The full-featured gateway board includes an LCD screen, SD Card for Config Data, Ethernet connection, 868 MHz antenna, and full-band capture radios. The Gateway evaluation kit also includes two RN2483 Mote boards (Part # DM164138).

The gateway uses a local version of the LoRaWAN network server running under Windows so it does not need an external network connection. This creates a self-contained demo network that makes testing the LoRa network quick and easy.

  • Everything needed to develop a LoRaWAN Network
  • 868 MHz Evaluation Kit
  • Includes an 8-channel Gateway and two Motes
  • Local LoRaWAN Network/Application Server
  • GUI for configuration and testing (Windows, Linux and Mac OS)
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