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Direct connection for high currents

The product portfolio of W+P Products has been expanded with an SMT terminal as a single contact, which ensures a direct connection with simple handling, since additional soldering is not required. The new 5940 series offers an interface as a detachable connection on LED PCBs and for industrial applications. The new single contact is suitable for both tin-plated multi and single strands. Equipped with screwless-type lockings, they are suitable for cables with wire cross-section ranging from AWG 18 to AWG 26.

  • Contact Material Phosphor bronze
  • Contact Surface Matte tin over nickel
  • Applicable wire Gauge AWG 26 ~ 18
  • Contact Resistance < 20 mΩ
  • Voltage Rating 300 V AC/DC
  • Current Rating 12 A (AWG 18)
    10 A (AWG 20)
    8 A (AWG 22)
    7 A (AWG 24)
    5 A (AWG 26)
  • Temperature Range -40 °C … +125 °C
  • Processing 260 °C for 10s max.
  • Mechanical Durability 5 cycles min.

5940 Datasheet

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