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Digital Isolators with integrated DC-DC Converter

The new additions to the Si88xx family of products combine high speed digital isolators with an isolated power supply. This integrated product for signal and power isolation provides a complete isolation solution to designers. The Si88xx has up to four high speed digital isolation channels integrated with a modified fly-back topology based dc-dc converter.



  • Digital isolation
    • Precise timing on high speed 100 Mbps digital isolators, 23 ns typ prop delay
    • Transient immunity of 100 kV/µs typical
    • High electro-magnetic immunity and ultra-low emissions
    • Isolation of up to 5000 Vrms
    • Highly-reliable: 100 year lifetime
    • RoHS compliant packages: SOIC-20 wide body
    • AEC-Q100 qualified
    • Wide temperature range: -40 to +125 °C
  • dc-dc converter
    • Integrated dc-dc converter, up to 5W power
    • Fully-integrated, secondary sensing, feedback controlled converter with dithering for low EMI
    • dc-dc converter efficiency of 83%
    • dc-dc shutdown, programmable frequency control and soft start
    • Conversion from 3/5 V to isolated 3/5 V, 24 V to isolated 3/5 V supported

Si88x2x Datasheet Si88x4x Datasheet


AN 892 Application Note AN901 Application Note

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