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DataFlash-L family of memory devices

The DataFlash-L AT25PE series offers a range of power-saving features, including a wide operating voltage range (Vcc) and ‘ultra-deep power down’ mode that enable class-leading standby current. These devices also enable designers to operate systems in lower voltages to maximize battery life and extend operation. DataFlash-L products include single command page-erase and page-write options with built-in intelligence to automatically manage internal programming and erase tasks. These options offload memory management tasks to reduce CPU overhead. The product family also offers comprehensive security and unique identification features to protect stored data from outside tampering.

The DataFlash-L AT25PE series is a pin-compatible alternative to recent global end-of-life (EOL) programs from other suppliers.

Key features:

  • Highly-compatible, including exact-match replacements to Micron EOL products
  • Included in Adesto’s longevity program to ensure supply security and stability
  • Superior product performance and command sets

DataFlash-L AT25PE Datasheet

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