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D-SUB Connectors – Waterproof IP67 | IP68

The waterproof series is suitable for applications in harsh conditions:

  • Hand held computers, scanners, and printers that are used outdoors
  • Remote sensors, gauges, and data loggers that are used outdoors
  • Industrial and Medical equipment that is routinely subject to wash down
  • Transmitters and emergency beacons that are subject to temporary submersion
  • Gas, Electric, and Water metering systems that have embedded Smart Grid electronics
  • Portable electric generation equipment (Gen Sets)
  • Consumer and Commercial boating electronics (Radios, Scanners, Radar, DC Power Ports)
  • The nickel plated die casting flange with integrated sealing ring guaranties a firm bonding with any casting front
  • Available in all standard versions, as high density and various combi versions
  • Appropriate for back and front panel mounting
  • High precise machined contacts in various quality classes available
  • Terminal connection methods: Solder cup, solder pin straight and angled
  • Protection class IP67 & IP68
  • High-class sealing compound, consistent against most fluids
  • Versatile assembly options

D-SUB Connectors Waterproof IP67 – IP68

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