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Custom magnetics specialist

Fuan Electronic specializes in custom magnetics technology solutions. They are a global leader in the design and manufacturing of transformers and inductors for industrial, commercial and consumer applications. Our expert engineering staff, modern test labs, automated factories, certified quality, excellent service and competitive cost ensures your success. Bring us your next application challenge, and we’re ready with advanced magnetics technology solutions.

Our capabilities include designing to a wide range of internationally recognized quality and performance standards:

  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 14000
  • UL lnsulation System Class B(130C)
  • UL lnsulation System Class F(155C)
  • MIL-T-27E

Wire winding
Our CNC wire winding machines ensure reliable, high-quality coils and bobbins. They are designed to process fine to heavy gauge wire from 54 to 4 AWG.

High-temperature soldering
We use fine pitch solder printing machines and high temperature soldering equipment. Lead-free processes meet environmental requirements including ROHS.

Automated optical inspection and in-line circuit testing systems are located throughout the manufacturing process for high quality and reliability.

Environmental Testing
Our environmental test chambers ensure that our products meet your operating specifications for resistance to temperature, shock, humidity and vibration to MIL-T-27E criteria or higher upon request.

Custom Magnetics

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