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Current and Power Measurement ICs Products

Get ahead of the thermal curve and measure power, monitor temperature and turn on your fan before it gets too hot. Systems designers know that before they can manage power, they first need to measure it. These power monitoring ICs measure power, voltage, current, zero cross detection and energy accumulation.

For DC power monitoring from 0 to 40V, our high-side current sensors include an I2C that is perfect for embedded computing, networking, industrial and artificial intelligence. To get ahead of the thermal curve, we also offer several devices integrating both current and temperature sensors.

For AC and energy monitoring, Microchip offers single-phase and poly-phase power measurement solutions to tackle the evolving needs of energy management. Our portfolio, derived from many years of innovation in the utility metering and Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) markets, includes solutions ideal for smart metering, switch mode power supplies, intelligent lighting and smart building applications.

Key Benefits of our DC Power Monitoring Solutions:

  • Calculates power resulting in less host code overhead
  • No filter circuits required, saving on circuitry costs
  • Sampling up to two seconds to deliver a better understanding of power consumption
  • Peak detection with duration setting to provide a unique energy alert

Key Benefits of our AC Power Monitoring Solutions:

  • Single IC solution with built-in high-accuracy metrology calculations and programmable event monitoring
  • No firmware development is needed, reducing design cost and time to market
  • Highly-integrated, flexible, configurable and customizable

Current And Power Measurement ICs Products

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