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Complete Clock Tree in 10/25/100G applications

The any-frequency, any-output Si5332 clock generators combine a wide-band PLL with proprietary MultiSynth fractional synthesizer technology to offer a versatile and high performance clock generator platform. This highly flexible architecture is capable of synthesizing a wide range of integer and non-integer related frequencies up to 312.5 MHz on up to 12 differential clock outputs while delivering sub-280 fs rms phase jitter performance with 0 ppm error. The device includes two independent spread spectrum modulation domains, an I2C interface for in-system programming, and user-defind hardware input pins that can be assigned during configuration development as output enable, frequency control, input selection, or spread spectrum enablement. Each of the clock outputs can be assigned its own format, enabling the Si5332 to replace multiple oscillators, buffers, and/or clock generators with a single device making it a true “clock tree on a chip”.


  • 6/8/12-output devices available in 32/40/48pin QFN
  • 230fs RMS phase jitter TYP on outputs up to 312.5 MHz
  • 1.8 V – 3.3 V operating and output voltage
  • Industry leading current consumption (<300mA for up to 8-outputs)
  • MultiSynth fractional synthesis and integer dividers
  • LVDS, LVPECL, HCSL, LVCMOS output formats
  • PCIe Gen1/2/3/4 compliant
  • Meets jitter requirements of high speed interconnects including CCIX, OpenCapi, and NVLInk
  • Dual, independent spread spectrum up to 2.5% (down or center)
  • Flexible cross point mux output path
  • ClockBuilder Pro configuration simplifies clock tree design


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