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Combined power/signal mix series

Connectors in mixed technology offer an enormous advantage: They transmit power and control signals together in only one connector. Therefore, the result is space-saving and simultaneously efficient components. W+P has a comprehensive program of mixed technology series, focused on board-to-board connectors, which includes pin headers and female headers for the PCB. The series 987/9870 and 397/3970 cover the range of pin headers and female headers. They combine the advantages of the lower-priced PCB connectors with the ability to ensure high ampacity of up to 8.2 A through a special contact geometry. The series is available in the pitch 5.08/2.54mm as THT and SMT versions, in different combination options of 2 up to 4 power contacts and 4 up to 48 signal contacts.

  • Offered in combined spacing of 5.00/2.00mm
  • Currents up to 24.7 A per power contact
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Options of 1 to 2 power contacts
  • 16/24/80 signal contacts
  • THT version in a vertical and a right-angled design
  • Thermoplastic, rated UL94V-0

987 Datasheet 9870 Datasheet 397 Datasheet 3970 Datasheet


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