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Bluetooth Mesh Networking accelerates time-to-market by up to 6 months

Bluetooth mesh takes advantage of the extensive reach of the pervasive networking standard to increase the range and reliability of hub-less IoT systems. By adopting Bluetooth mesh, IoT devices benefit from multi-level security, direct phone connectivity, and many-to-many device connectivity without the need for gateways to communicate with the cloud.
Silicon Labs simplifies the design of Bluetooth mesh-based devices with comprehensive development tools, SDKs, and mobile apps supporting high-performance Blue Gecko wireless system-on-chips (SoCs) and certified modules. Accelerate your time-to-market by relying on Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth know-how and mesh networking expertise that has helped deploy more than 100 million mesh devices to date.

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Key Benefits of Bluetooth Mesh Systems:

  • Extending the range of connections from gateways or mobile clients with multi-hop communication
  • Increase network scalability and node counts with mesh topology
  • Ensure interoperability with standards based Bluetooth mesh full stack solution
  • Provide state-of-the-art security with dual-layer security and communications authenticated, encrypted and obfuscated
  • Combine mesh networking and Bluetooth beaconing and phone connectivity
  • Improve system reliability with multipath message delivery
  • Delivering optimal responsiveness with node-to-node communication






Bluetooth Mesh Stack

Review the Bluetooth mesh stack architecture and implementation options


Blue Gecko Wireless Starter Kit

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