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Bluetooth FPGA wins the 2020 IC DESIGN Achievement

The GW1NRF Bluetooth FPGA product features FPGA fabric, a power optimized 32-bit microprocessor, a power management unit capable of power as low as 5nA and a Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy radio. This extends the capabilities of Bluetooth devices by adding the flexible IO and heterogenous computing capabilities of the FPGA.


The GW1NRF BLE Module contains the GW1NRF-4 µSoC FPGA, radio antenna and appropriate passives.

  • Low Power Non-volatile FPGA
  • Best in class of Performance Cost Ratio
  • Small footprint
  • MIPI standard supported
  • Embedded pSRAM (GW1NR/1NSR only)

GW1NRF series

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