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Bluetooth 5 versus Bluetooth 4.2, what’s the difference?

Bluetooth mesh is a new topology for all Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that enables many-to-many device communications. It helps to create large-scale device networks where tens or hundreds of nodes are needed and provides government grade, multi-level security with all communications authenticated and encrypted. Point-to-point and broadcast topology are both still available but now data can travel longer distances by bouncing messages through multiple devices to their eventual destination.

Currently, a majority of Bluetooth 5 devices are capable of Bluetooth Mesh and all its features but many Bluetooth 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 devices are still capable of Bluetooth Mesh, just with some limited features. Check with the manufacturer’s documentation to determine which features are capable for each device.



Capable Devices:

  • EFRBG12
  • EFRBG13
  • BGM13P
  • BGM13S

With limited Features:

  • EFR32BG1
  • BGM111
  • BGM12x
  • BGM11S
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