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Battery charger with system power path management

The MP2667 is a Power Path I2C-controlled linear charger for single-cell Li-ion/Li-polymer/LiFePO4 batteries. It provides charge current from 26mA to 1049mA and has low battery quiescent current. Robust protections including programmable timer protection, battery NTC monitor, cell under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, thermal regulation and thermal shutdown are available. It also provides both shipping mode and system reset mode for different applications. The device is available in a 10-pin QFN(2mmx2mm) package, designed for solutions such as smart watches, Point of Sale machines, Bluetooth headphones, smart home devices.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with 5V USB Power Sources
  • Fully Autonomous Charger for Single-Cell Li‑Ion/Li-Polymer Batteries
  • Complete Power Path Management for Simultaneously Powering the System and Charging the Battery
  • Programmable Input Current Limit and Minimum Input Voltage Regulation Thresholds
  • ±0.5% Charging Voltage Accuracy
  • 13V Maximum Voltage for the Input Source
  • I2C Interface for Programming Charging Parameters and Status Reporting
  • Fully Integrated Power Switches and No External Blocking Diode Required
  • Built-In Robust Charging Protection Including Battery Temperature Monitoring and Programmable Timer
  • Built-In Battery Disconnection Function for Shipping Mode
  • Thermal Limiting Regulation on the Chip
  • Available in an Ultra-Compact QFN-10 (2mmx2mm) Package


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